Understanding Risk Responses With Redback Spider

Core CISSP Exam Concept

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Risk is everywhere.

Being single is a risk of loneliness and depression. Being in a live-in relationship is a risk of an uncertain future. Being married is a risk of missing bachelorhood.

Single vs Live-in vs Married — Risk is everywhere

You can never eliminate the risk. You can reduce it to the accepted level.

Australia is the most common country in the top 10 list of deadliest animals: White Shark, Tiger Snake, Stonefish, Box Jellyfish, and Saltwater Crocodile. I will focus on the Redback spider for the sake of this article.

Redback Spider Fact — Female Redback eats Male Redback spider during the mating ritual

Understanding risk responses is one of the most critical CISSP concepts you will ever learn. You are already applying risk responses in your day-to-day life.

Please shut down your logical reasoning mind and gender-biasing for five minutes. The below analogies are elaborated to explain the concept with humour. Not to make literal sense.

Let’s Hike

You are on your favourite hiking track with your girlfriend. The circuit is 7km with medium to high difficulty levels.

Hiking time on a lovely sunny Sunday morning

1. Risk Mitigation

Risk reduction is a choice you want to go ahead despite the danger. However, you will take precautions to keep Redback Spider away, such as carrying an emergency first-aid kit and ice pack and wearing full pants, gloves and shoes.

Countermeasures against the Redback spider

Addressing safeguards is about implementing security controls. It reduces the risk to a reasonable level. However, the risk is still there (residual risk). What if Redback bites on your neck or ear?

Only mitigate the…



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